Only in Italy is a daily news column that reports funny and weird news on Italy, the mafia, Italian culture and Italian travel.

Only in Italy is a daily news column that reports funny and weird news on Italy, the mafia, Italian culture and Italian travel.

Only In Italy is a daily news column that translates & reports on funny but true news items from legitimate Italian news sources in Italy.
Only in Italy is a daily news column that reports funny and weird news on Italy, the mafia, Italian culture and Italian travel.Only in Italy is a daily news column that reports funny and weird news on Italy, the mafia, Italian culture and Italian travel.
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What people are saying about "Only In Italy."
"Dear Editor, I look forward to your e-mails! I agree, we need a little laughter in our lives, even making fun of ourselves. Keep up the good work. The article on the gentleman thief was great!"   Gloria Briganti, USA
"Thank you! I'm Chairman of the Democratic party in a small place in Virginia, and at breakfast every Friday we Democratics get together to discuss the up coming Presidential election and this week we talked about the health plan being proposed by the Presidential candidates and I told this story of the 80 year old woman in Italy. A doctor sitting at the table could not stop laughing and I told him your article tells it better and he wanted your writing. So thank you and keep up your good work, I enjoy it!"   Anthony Sacco, USA  
"Sometimes I can't do without your good sense of humor about Italians even though it deviates my pessimistic future hope for them. Please warn all tourists, throwing coins in fountains doesn't always bring good luck, especially that big one in Rome."   Vic Zucconi, USA
"FANTASTIC newsletter...really love it. CIAO DALL'AMERICA!"   Matthew G. Platania, USA
"Basta! This is the second article I have read where you have ridiculed our ancient healing traditions... the other was in an article on Malta. What is with you? Are you the Spanish Inquisition or what? Even Jesus speaks of the evil eye in the Bible... you are very disconnected from our traditions... in the Malta article you even referred to a healer as witch. Buffuni! Other than that I love your newsletter :-)"   Cristala Mussato, USA
"Just finished reading my very 1st issue ever & enjoyed it very much keep up the great work! Once again thank you!"  Tracy Powers, USA
"I'm Italian (second generation) in U.S. now 81, but you (Only in Italy) brings joy to me every month. I also would like to come to your country for my final days to see, hear and love my heritage so much. Continue your news letter, I enjoy it. Thanks!"   Anthony Sacco, USA
"I love your newsletters! Please don't stop sending them to me. This is the Nitz and I live in Las Vegas. Keep up the good work. Ciao!"  The Nitz, USA
"I love these newsletters! Keep them coming. You have helped me increase my vocabulary of Italian slang and curses! Thank you! I will be arriving in Sicily on the 24th of May, and I will be so happy to have a chance to use these new skills! I'm bringing my new pocket translator to do the rest of the talking for me... Unfortunately, it doesn't have any of the juicy words you use on it!!! See the "promised land" soon!"  Rita Prose, USA
"Loved your information about REAL olive oil, have been trying to convince "mia moglia" to always use the extra virgin for everything and not just in our salads, but I guess this is some progress."  Geraldo Russo, USA
"My name is Vivianna, from Las Vegas NV, aka: The Nitz. Hi. You guys make my day. I'm always laughing when I hear from you. My husband says to me from another room, "What are you laughing about". I tell him you have to come in here to read this. Thanks for sending me your stuff."  Vivianna, USA
"Please don't stop your newsletter. You keep me informed and entertained, and now of course, I will look for more articles on the Mafia. It may help me to avoid inadvertently "helping" them in ways I don't realize. Stay safe and stay true to your high standards and ethics...but throw a few "slang words and phrases in there at times...that is such fun to read! I used a few of your choice words and phrases while I was there. Ciao! Ciao!"  Rita Prose, USA
"I received your newsletter as I usually do...and with absolute delight...AGAIN! There seems to be no end to the enjoyment you provide with the articles you send, e "ti ringraziu". Although, I read the newsletters as I receive them, I haven't sent a 'thank you' reply for....well....ages! I am up to my neck in paper at the moment, printing out pages of the story I am writing...and there are ALWAYS changes. But never mind, hearing from "Only In Italy" is a blessing - and I get a laugh for the day. VERY interesting article about 'U Vaticanu and I LOVED the one about "Race". How dare those Northerners use that phrase you quoted! "Disgraziati!" Thank you once again for my almost daily dose of entertainment. Bravi! Ciao,"   Ninuzza, USA
"I continue to enjoy your nutty newsletters. Keep up the good humor. When I get my weight down far enough from the trip I will once again order those incredible cookies (, but your newsletters never cease to tempt me to do so sooner. Aloha,"   Ellie Snyder, USA
"Hi. Have read your news letter and love it. I am in a small class studying Italian and so this is really fun! Thank you."  Johanna Weber, USA
"Spero proprio che l'autore del sito in questione sia capace di leggere questa mail nel tanto odiato idioma italico (anche se l'ignoranza esposta nel sito mi da dei dubbi non da poco). Fate schifo, mi piacerebbe sapere di quale nazionalità è l'autore, cosicchè noi si possa prendere in giro tutte le cagate del suo paese. Ti auguro le più grandi sfighe di questo mondo."  Angry but lovely Italian, Italy
"A friend forwarded the latest issue, and the stuff about the 'piccoli bastardi' and Francesco Totti was hilarious."  Karen, USA
"I've never been to Italy and I don't know any Italians, but I still thought your comments about the behavior and attitudes of scooter riders on the road were very funny. Italian road users must be nuts."  John Mulligan, USA
"Buon Giorno Only In Italy Staff: I just read your article, Italian Farmer Secretly Plants GM Seeds. My question is...what does the “GM” stand for? When I saw it, I thought it was going to be an off the wall article about General Motors and planting cars...just for laughs. However, the article never hinted at such absurdity.
Please continue your wonderful wacky newsletter. It has never failed to make me laugh. Oh, one other question. Was the picture of the opera singer real or just a spoof? Great photo regardless. Kind regards!"   Vickie M., USA

"This was exceptional! I had to tone down my laughter...I am at work! Thanks for the laughs"   Anna Marie, USA
"I want to thank you for your newsletter. I'm a second generation. American/Sicilian/Italian and your newsletter touches me. It makes me laugh a lot. Love your news. Keep up the good work."  Carmella Van Benthuysen (DiMauro), USA
"I would like to give you a big fat compliment! For telling it like it is! I really, truly, sincerely love your "Only In Italy" newsletter. Because I've been living in this beautiful country for five years now (in Perugia, and who are you calling an ignoramus? Moh!) and I'm constantly amazed at so many things that can only happen in Italy...

For instance, I'm in the process of getting my license, my patente (and, purtroppo, I don't have the right contacts or I could probably buy one!) and it is a nightmare driving here. So when, recently, you had pieces about driving in Italy, it made me realize, no, I'm not going mad, what I'm experiencing is perfectly normal...

Etc, etc. You see, human nature being what it is, YOU can say these things, being Italian (just as I could say it about my old country) but as a newcomer here I often have to bite my tongue. I love this country but I'm also a realist -- all countries and cultures have their little quirks. And I do appreciate someone who, like you, at least have a sense of humor about it all! Keep up the good work and the humor!" 
Bassa van Zyl, Italy
"I just wanted to say that I really have enjoyed your newsletters, some are hilarious, but unbelievably true :) I love this site and enjoy it very much. I am full blooded Sicilian, never have been to Italy. I would really love to travel there someday, and see where my parents were born in Palermo. At my age, LOL, I just can't seem to get there, so I guess this is the closest that I will get to Italy, so keep sending this interesting email, I love it!!! Ciao!"  Angelina Badalamente (Borne), USA
"I just started getting your newsletter and I get several smiles from it. I also like all of the stuff you can check out from your sites but your story of Naples!!! You were so descriptive I could see it all.  I've always wanted to come to your beautiful country but if I ever do maybe I'll skip Naples. (I think that maybe there are some places like that still in New York, USA!)  Thanks for a cool (showing my age) newsletter."  Cindi, USA
"Your website really makes me smile. It is the highlight of my day! Always some crazy thing going on over there. Your story on Naples was wonderful!!! It brought back fond memories of a great vacation spent in your BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY. I can't wait to visit again. Ciao from Boston."  Joanne, USA
"I love your newsletter, it is always fun, interesting and educational. I've learned a lot about the "homeland" by reading it and picked up some really good ways to insult people who deserve it! You all do such a good job on that part...I always look to see if there is a new one I can use! I enjoy hearing from you so stay "tuned".  Rita Prose, USA

"Your newsletter is the most insulting pieces of jingoism I've ever seen. I don't get easily offended -- in fact, I've been a thick-skinned newsman for a career -- but you're reduced the country and its wonderful people to cartoon characters. I've often thought about writing a book called 5000 Miles from Little Italy just to attack some of the misguided stereotypes that Americans have. You seem to trade on those misconceptions."  Angry Johnny Johnson, USA
"At some point, please explain to the American-Italians (mainly those who have never even been to Italy) that THERE IS A DIFFERENCE OF BEING ITALIAN AND BEING SICILIAN!

We hate to see all Italians as being Siclilians and vise versa! Two very different ways of life and different ways of thinking! Unlike in the U.S.A., we haven't given up our Italian, Sardinian and Sicilian cultures to just "blend in as a melting pot" like all those in North America have done so with their many cultural backgrounds!

Here in Italy, Italian men don't wear gold chains around their necks and run around calling for their "Ma!" like they do in the States. Perhaps Sicilian & Naples men resemble this "character", but here in the North... NO WAY!

Other than this your newsletter! Ciao Tutti!"  
J. Mattaini, Milan
"Thank you for the nice note and thanks for the fun and enlightenment.  I even checked the label on olive oil the other day. I'm glad you're back. And to you and your staff have a wonderful weekend too!"  Cindi Trebing, USA
"Pasquale and "Only In Italy" staff, You are to be congratulated on another excellent newsletter. Please keep them coming, I look forward to them daily. Grazie tanti. Ciao."  Geraldo Russo, USA
"Pasqualeddu...How nice to hear from you once again! I have just been splitting my sides laughing at the latest newsletters and the one about the nuns warrants a few comments...which I shall send you in another email. Ti ringraziu. Ciao,"  Ninuzza, USA
"Soltanto in Italia" è meraviglioso! Actually, that's how Babel Fish translated "Only in Italy' is wonderful!"
"I'm an American with some Italian ancestors who was married to an Italian man for ten years. Needless to say, I was never good enough for my Sicilian mother-in-law, but even as a no-good American mongrel I learned to appreciate some of the finer political maneuverings of being part of an Italian clan, if only by marriage. When my husband became involved with American Mafia, I cut my losses. I'm loving this newsletter! Mille grazie!"  Nancy, USA
"I love your news. I lived in Italy for a couple of years and really miss it, so your newsletter brings back lots of memories."  Ponyo, USA
"I LOVE your magazine, I appreciate any fun, non-harmful humor. And ALL of my Italian friends love your publication also. Keep up the good work. Ciao!"   Denise Gitchell, USA
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